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About Us

We're here to help children have the best education by supporting and connecting those most influential in their success: teachers and parents.

We're working to give schools a proven, effective parent engagement strategy that is helpful for teachers, empowering for parents, and makes a meaningful difference to student engagement.

We want to change the culture so that it's normal for every child to have parents engaging in what they're learning every day.

Casey Mulder


Casey is a passionate educator who loves nothing more than seeing children and young people thrive.

Her teaching career has taken her from a remote community in Western Australia, to an Intensive English Centre, and the English Department of a metropolitan high school.

Through her varied teaching experiences, she has consistently recognised the power of building positive relationships and is excited about helping teachers, parents and students foster these relationships.

Jason O'Neil


Jason started Today We Learned after talking with teachers, principals and families, and exploring how new technology can be used to help kids succeed at school.

Having worked in education environments almost continuously since he was a student, Jason is familiar with the challenges and opportunities students, teachers and parents face each day.

Jason is married to Anna, a big fan of the Spacecubed community in Perth, and a member of the Haxe Foundation, which is responsible for his favourite programming technology.

I've always wanted to build products to support teachers - the work they do equipping and inspiring students is so important.

Today We Learned comes out of that passion: to come along-side teachers, and help them have an even greater effect on their students.

This app's focus on partnerships, family, quality design and pedagogical excellence make me all the more excited to be part of this team.

Jason O'Neil, Co-Founder

Aaron Gregory


Aaron is an innovative education leader in Western Australia's public education system. As a teacher and deputy principal, he has been responsible for over AUD$15,000,000 investment in innovative projects in WA schools.

Aaron is a big picture thinker, focusing on new research and current trends in the education sector, and always exploring new strategies to help disadvantaged students.

Aaron is married to Rachel, and together they have 2 kids, another education startup and a lot of big ideas on the go.


We're not hiring at the moment, but we hope to grow - so we're going to need a great team.

If you come from an education, tech, or startup background and love what we're doing - we'll probably love you too!

Use the contact form to the right to reach out and say hi, and when we're hiring, we'll get in touch and let you know.

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