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What is Today We Learned?

Today We Learned is a website and app that makes it easy and fast for teachers to send a class-wide update home to every family, which helps parents and students have better learning conversations at home.

Research shows these conversations help with memory retention and student motivation, leading to higher student engagement, better behaviour and stronger learning outcomes. (See the research)

We've built Today We Learned from the ground up to give teachers a parent engagement strategy that transforms their class and saves them time. (About our team)

A screenshot of what the Today We Learned form looks like for teachers.

For teachers

A 60-second class-wide update to help parents play a more meaningful role in their child's education.

Today We Learned...

Finish the sentences and share the main lesson of the day, inviting parents to keep the conversation going at home.

Don't Forget...

A quick reminder that goes straight to parent's emails or phone is better than a printed note getting lost or scrunched at the bottom of a school bag.

Notices and Messages

Send specific notices to all parents in a class, or just to the parents of a specific student. An easy balance of speed and safety.

Beautiful Design

Well designed communication is more likely to engage parents. Make your updates shine.

A screenshot of what the Today We Learned parent view.

For parents

A tip from the teacher on what your child is learning in class, and how you can best support them.

Focus on learning

The best thing you can do for your child's education is engage in what they're learning day to day. That's why we focus on learning conversations, rather than notices, reports and canteen prices.

Just your child

Get updates from classes your child is in, not from the rest of the school. Every update you read is focused on your child and their classes.

Email, web or mobile

Get the updates for free over email or the web. A mobile app for iPhone and Android is coming soon.

Conversations with your child, not their teacher

We help you start meaningful learning conversations with your children. We're not here to help you chat with teachers - they're too busy teaching!

School Leaders

School improvement strategies always work best when the school leadership sets the culture.

Our Principal Packs empower you to set a culture of fast, effective parent engagement across your entire school.

A screenshot of what the Today We Learned principal's dashboard looks like.


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If you're a teacher, a designer or a developer, and want to be part of Today We Learned, send us an email and we'll let you know when we're hiring.


We are currently raising a seed round. If you'd like to partner with us, please get in touch so we can talk.